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Chairmaking at the Appalachian Center for Craft: Day 4

July 14, 2010


Not a whole lot of visual activity today. It was mostly a day of sanding and a couple glue ups. Just one of those days where you put the iPod on and let your mind wander as you go through the monotony of hand sanding all the parts before the glue up. Except I forgot mine today so I just had to sit there and listen to the swish swish swish. Once sanded, I glued up both sides of the chair as sub-assemblies. While these were drying I finished shaping and sanding my front rail. I’m particularly proud of my grain selection on the front rail since the grain flow really accentuates the lower curve. I did have one mistake today. While cutting the mortises for the back rail I wasn’t paying attention and cut the mortise on the wrong side of the leg. Luckily, it was where the side rail intersects the back leg so it will be hidden. I just glued in a tennon and trimmed it flush after the glue dried.

At the end of the day I got everything mocked up and was able to take a look.

Tomorrow I need to fit my back rail since this is a bit of a fit and check operation once I have everything mocked now. Then I will be ready to apply the back rest.

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