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Radio Silence

February 3, 2015


Been pretty quiet around here lately, at least in terms of furniture production. We’ve undertaken a project to finish out our basement space to act as sort of a relief valve for all the kid stuff. As a bonus though, I’m carving out one room as a dedicated “bench room” which is also conveniently located next to the “machine room” in the garage. We had a separate a/c unit installed then I spent several months working on framing and minor plumbing. After that we were ready for electrical, insulation, and drywall which I all hired out to make sure there was a shot at this all being completed before the 3 year old goes to college. The last couple weeks have been focused on trim carpentry which I rather enjoy. Next I’ll start tackling some cabinetry which will be something more closely resembling furniture.


The bench room after drywall.


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