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Posts from the ‘Tools’ Category

New bench top bench

May 26, 2014



Made this little bench top bench to raise my carving work. Eventually I’ll get a couple veneer press screws to add a twin screw vise for dovetailing also. The feet on the bottom can be flipped to raise or lower the height by a couple inches.

Bourban Cabinet Part 2-Vacuum Baggin’

August 24, 2013



Veneering panels with the Thin Air Press.  This was the first time using the system, and I’m very pleased with it over all.  The only fussy part is unsealing the bag and keeping all the sticky sealing stuff on one side of the bag so it can be re-used.  For the amount of veneer work I do, I think it will last me a very long time.

Shop Move

August 19, 2013


After the sale of my other  insanely expensive hobby, a 1967 Chevelle set up for 1/8 mile drag racing, we decided that we wanted to use the cash to start finishing out our basement to add a guest bedroom and a bonus/play room for our expanding family.   My shop currently occupies a large portion of what we are going to finish so the plan was to move the machinery to the single bay of the garage vacated by the chevelle.   Here’s a befor shot during the pre-move chaos.

Part of the space will be retained as my bench room, so the first step was to bust a hole in the wall and frame up for a double door opening connecting the two spaces.

Then, like all projects, it inevitably bread more projects.  First, I decided that the hodge podge of a dust collection system I had previously  was not worth moving and I wanted to re-plumb the whole system in 6″ sewer and drain pipe.  During this process it became painfully obvious that my old 1.5 HP bag type dust collector was not going to be able to make the length of runs I had planned.  So, while not in the budget, I went ahead and purchased a new Penn State 2.5 HP cyclone unit and installed that as well.  I also added a bank of base cabinets for some much needed storage and did some minor wiring for all the 220V equipment.  Here are some shots of the finished space.  A little messy with another couple projects already in process.


Here’s a shot of what will eventually become the adjacent bench room after a separating wall is constructed just to the right of the window to the right of the bench.  P1330115

Please Ex-Skews the Bad Pun

July 2, 2011


Ok, sorry.  I know that bad joke has been used a thousand times, but sometimes you just gotta love something so gloriously ridiculous.

So lately I’ve been increasingly more interested in tool making and these babies are my latest effort. They are a pair of 20 degree skew detail chisels intended for cleaning up dovetails. The blades are O1 tool steal that I ground to shape and heat treated myself. The handles were hand shaped out of some wonderful tiger maple. However, I think a turned handle would also be nice and much faster. This has got me thinking about acquiring a lathe, hah!