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A mail dominated household

December 26, 2010


I don’t know about your house, but at mine the mail seemed to always be something that landed somewhere on the kitchen counter when it was brought in. My favorite place was on the end of the kitchen bar, but inevitably, wifey would not see something (despite it being right on the counter!) and would get a little upset. Admittedly, one pile sometimes multiplied into several. So I figured I could build some sort of desktop mail organizer where everything can flow into and out of each month and I can keep checkbooks, stamps, and other important items.

I used some cherry that I milled up on my bandsaw earlier this year from a log I cut on my property. This was my first attempt at drying lumber, so I figured I’d use it on a personal project just in case it decided to freak out on me. The drawer fronts are some maple burl veneers I had on hand and I made the pulls from some walnut scraps. I’d say it’s been put to good use so far and the counter has been clear.