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Bourban Cabinet Part 3

October 5, 2013


Well as usual I’ve done a pretty poor job of documenting progress, but most of the work so far has been pretty repetitious slicing veneers, cleaning up veneers, gluing to substrates, and cleaning up edges.  Here are the three main panels of the carcass getting some pre-finishing before assembly to the legs.

P1330748 These panels are gorgeous, which really gets me excited about the rest of the project.  It also reminds me not to screw anything up!

I also started work on a couple of JK Table in cherry.  Here they are roughed out with joinery fit, but at this point they bases are finished shaped and glued up waiting for tops.


Right now I feel the clock ticking as I have a show on Nov. 8 & 9 that I am wanting to get both of these pieces completed for.  Until next time.

Bourban Cabinet Part 2-Vacuum Baggin’

August 24, 2013



Veneering panels with the Thin Air Press.  This was the first time using the system, and I’m very pleased with it over all.  The only fussy part is unsealing the bag and keeping all the sticky sealing stuff on one side of the bag so it can be re-used.  For the amount of veneer work I do, I think it will last me a very long time.